About me

Hi everybody. If you are here it is because you are interested in knowing more about me for some strange reason. Or maybe you are a friend. Or a complete stranger. Or maybe my mother. Hi Mom!

But whoever you are, if your intention is really to know more about me, I will not disappoint you.

The first I have to say is that my name is Aitor. Nice to meet you. And if you haven’t guessed it by the domain name and the logo, my last name is Vaz. There was no budget for more letters, but despite this it is a sonorous and powerful name. I appreciate my parents. As an option, Ander Vaz(meaning “where are you going”) would have been much worse. I imagine myself with that name walking down the street and suddenly being called by a friend screaming “Ander Vaz!” and to answer “I am going to the supermarket for bread!”. Fortunately, being called Aitor Vaz does not suit for suffering these situations. Also I’m not a friend of carbohydrates.

So you already know me a little more, but I imagine that you are not here to read stupidities about my name and you really want to know who I am. Let’s go.


Who I am

Well, Mr. Vaz was born a beautiful and warm spring of the year 1990, in May to be exact. And as any taurus, he worked hard and stubbornly. Being born on a sunny Monday morning is noteworthy. There are those who were born on a holiday in the early morning and drag that tendency to revelry for the rest of their days.

Where I am from

It should be added that the already mentioned Mr. Vaz was born and grew up in the Penedés, land of wine, cava and bucolic and romantic landscapes full of vineyards that change their color according to the season of the year. Also full of old men driving tractor, smoking cigar and delighting plowing the land, leaving an unmistakable trail of aroma of raised floor, burned diesel and Habano cigaro.

My education

We are going to stop treating myself like a British Lord and start writing in the first person, so as not to give the impression of having serious problems of egotism. Also, I’m just Aitor, Mr. Vaz sounds like a soap opera at 16:00 over a sewing workshop from the 30’s where I am the boss and I have problems with all the employees. Mom, just kidding, for the record, your son is very decent.

But going back to the topic at hand, I studied and finished High School in my native land, with my childhood friends.

Once this period ended, the bird flew to Navarra to study sociology during the economic crisis. Crisis that affected and it continues affecting my professional career like many others of my generation.. Mainly because we never get out of it completely and we are already doomed to another.

Once I finished my sociology degree and knowing that I wanted to go deeper into both market research and marketing, I completed a postgraduate degree in it while the crisis, many years later, continued to ruin my job opportunities.

Having worked in other sectors that were not related to my training or remotely, I studied German at the Goethe Institut, in addition to acquiring knowledge of SEO and SEM thanks to various courses, including Basis of Digital Marketing from Google and the SEO / SEM course from Femxa.

On the other hand, I have been gaining more knowledge about both WordPress, Digital Marketing and SEO on my own. This website proves it.

My job

At the time of writing these lines I am dedicated to developing the skills and experience required by companies for the Digital Marketing and SEO sector on my own.

Although it is a very dynamic sector and with demand for workers, few companies can afford to hire without minimum guarantees. Sad, counterproductive, but I understand that the costs of hiring are too high to dedicate to training workers when high productivity is needed almost immediately. In addition, a magic formula to correct this problem has not been found, being a whiting that bites its tail and that leaves many people out of the labor market, not for lack of desire, but for the shortcomings of the system in general.

Knowing this and working, as I have said, in other sectors that are not really in my sector, I have decided to develop all the necessary skills on my own to be able to dedicate myself professionally to the Digital Marketing sector.

The world is full of problems and obstacles, but it is in our hands to give up or take the initiative and change things. As someone once said:

Where there is will, there is a way”.